About Me

My name is Aaron Morgan. I am a full stack .NET software developer working and living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Being full stack is a big part of what I enjoy about software development. I enjoy the whole process of taking an idea and developing it into a workable solution. From registering the domain, creating and setting DNS routing to hosting. Not to mention architecting and then creating the app, back end services, web pages and everything that goes along with it.

The examples under Projects such as Provance.NZ demonstate some of the recent apps I've been playing with.

So between some of those side projects, full time work and being a new father, this web site is a simple web presence for me. It's subject to frequent change and is often a sandpit for my experiments in web design and web enabled applications.


I've been experiementing with the Vue.js progressive UI framework. So far it's proving very approachable and easy to learn (I come from a Knockout background building SPAs).

In fact, as a bit of an experiement I've used Vue.js on the Reading List and Podcast pages, reducing the amount of HTML I need to maintain and instead using simple Vue.js component and template logic to do the heavy lifting. Even though in this simple case, it's not very heavy...

Visual Studio Code

This site, or the last version of it is pretty old, and bleak. I've decided to update it, well update the content. As part of this I've chosen VS Code as the development tool of choice. I'd normally Use Visual Studio but wanted to go back to hand crafting a static site without Razor, view bags or other little helpers.

Currently I'm not using any pre processors or build tools. Nothing is minified, bundled etc.