Parcel Track

November 2014

I created this site one night while at TechEd in Auckland, 2014 (back before they started calling it Ignite). The idea came to me after I was given a tracking code but not told the courier company.

It's very simple and uses regular expressions and some basic validation to determine the courier company based on the input code. Then after screen scraping that site with the code, if it's valid the site automatically redirects the user.


Bored, and a bit of fun.

How does it work?

Navigate here and follow the on screen instructions. Most users will only have a Tracking Code, not the Account Id (you might have this if your company has an account with the courier). If when you click Search the code is found, and active, it'll send you to the courier company's tracking status page.

What next?

Nothing, this is very much done.