April 2016

Precis came about one weekend exploring JavaScript graphing libraries and file upload handling using the Nancy .NET framework.

It is a simple one page web application that allows the user to upload a loan statement file provided by the New Zealand P2P lending platform Harmoney. The site produces a scatter plot chart of the users loans, by state along the X axis (showing in effect loans by time), and the Y axis showing outstanding principal.

Key features:

  • Graph your Harmoney loans on a scatter plot chart. No real value beyond seeing the loan progress visualised.
  • Select only loans in a certain state to view, e.g. those in Arrears, or only the Paid Off loans.


The project was a bit of fun and a learning exersise for me more than something for others to utilise.

Although I'm happy to say that after linking it on the Harmoney thread on ShareTrader forum it's received regular use by other investors.

How does it work?

Navigate to and follow the on screen instructions. You need to have exported your Loan Statement from the Harmoney dashboard first though.

What next?

Nothing. The project is done. When the term expires on the domain I'll still host it, on demand on Azure only though, here.