May 2016

Provance is a notification service for Lending Crowd and Harmoney P2P lending platforms in New Zealand.

Based on individual notification filters Provance will notify users by SMS or email when a new loan is issued that meets their filter criteria.

Provance fills a gap in the market while neither of the two platforms provide their own notification feature, or that feature lacks specificity. Using push notifications to users avoids the need to regularly log in and check the platform for new loans. It also enables investors to find out sooner that a new loan matching their criteria is available, reducing the likelihood of missing investment opportunities.

Key features:

  • Real Time Alerting alerts are issued within minutes of a new loan being made available.
  • Email or SMS alerts can be received. It's up to the user to select the method that most suits them from the User Preferences.
  • Filtering alerts by Type, Grade, and Term allow users to only receive alerts that suit their investment profile.


I created Provance as a quick fix to a temporary problem. It was always possible the platforms would provide their own alerting or auto-invest options in the future and overnight the service could be made useless. It was howerver a bit of fun, introducting me for the first time to Azure VMs, SMS API services such as Twilio

How does it work?

Navigate to and create an account. It just uses an email address and mobile number. From there you are directed to the Filters page where a default Lending Crowd filter will have been created for you.

What happens when a loan is issued?

Depending on how you've configured your filters you'll receive either an email or TXT message. It'll contain a brief summary of the loan; amount, rate, grade, term, type and how funded it is.

How do the filters work?

An example might be to have all options enabled, you'll then receive a notification for any loan issued. Or you can select between just particular grades, terms, or types. Or you may have multiple filters, A1 grade business loans and all grades for personal loans. It's up to you how they look.

What next?

Nothing. Lending Crowd now offers a loan notification system (email only at the moment) and Harmoney provide an auto-invest feature. So the problem I created Provance to solve is (as expected) on the way out because the plaforms are providing the service upstream.